Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do you charge per month?

PartsClub does not have a monthly subscription fee. PartsClub makes money on transaction fees when sellers are successful on the platform. There is reporting and advertising functionality that sellers will be able to opt into for an extra fee but free memberships are and will always be free. Our free memberships come with unlimited customer/supplier connections, free user and company pages, and unlimited parts uploads.

Is PartsClub like Amazon, eBay, Gearflow?

80%+ of equipment parts quotes are initiated without the buyer knowing the part number they need. Without knowing the part number, a normal self-service eCommerce platform like eBay or Amazon isn't much help to the buyer.

PartsClub aims to connect buyers and sellers both when a part number is known and when it isn't to create reliable, fast and easy quotes 100% of the time.

Why wouldn't I just place orders by phone or email?

Phone and email have long been the way parts are quoted because there haven't been any other options. They produce a quoting and sales process that is overwhelming, lacking communication, and disorganized.

PartsClub organized the entire quoting process for buyers and sellers to make it easy to create quote requests, receive quotes and buy the quoted option that works best for you without needing to contact all suppliers independently by phone or email.

Is this like Sourceline or Machinery Trader?

PartsClub is fundamentally different from either Sourceline or Machinery Trader Fast Track because PartsClub relies on user networks like LinkedIn or Facebook so each connection, listing and interaction are 1-to-1 between the buyer and seller. Sourceline and Fast Track are like rooms that you pay a subscription fee to be in - allowing you to see all listings and members in that room at once. This doesn't allow for the privacy required to share pricing and doesn't offer the functionality to enable customer-specific pricing and eCommerce. By allowing users to build private networks of customers and suppliers, PartsClub is able to unlock secure wholesale eCommerce for equipment parts businesses.

I have an eCommerce store. Why do I need PartsClub?

PartsClub is about helping connect buyers and suppliers. If you are looking to meet more customers and generate more leads - PartsClub is for you. Buyers love PartsClub because they can see multiple options in one place. We would love to have you be one of those options.

How can I invite my suppliers to show me my pricing?

PartsClub makes it easy to invite your suppliers to join PartsClub and start showing you your pricing. Just go to the 'Companies' tab on PartsClub and hit 'Add a Supplier'. By inputting their email - you will send them an email and prompt our Onboarding Team to reach out to that seller on your behalf to walk them through PartsClub and get them set up for you.

I am not in the United States - can I join?

Absolutely! You are welcome to join the platform. We have launched in the United States and Canada and are in the early stages of launching in Europe and Australia with plans to launch in Asia and Africa in the next 12-24 months. Account requests from Asia and Africa will be held aside until we are able to successfully launch in those regions.